Site Grading Phase I

The City of Mesquite is seeking $4.0 million in EDA funding for Phase 1 of this project to site grade approximately 40 acres of undeveloped land owned by the City and located within the City of Mesquite Industrial Area that has been master-planned for commercial and industrial use, adjacent to the Mesquite Technology and Commerce Center. The resulting usable building pads will be offered to manufacturing companies for development. Roadways with established sewer line and waterline infrastructure, power, and gas are readily accessible, making this an ideal location for site grading. This project aligns directly with the SNRGC coalition's vision to implement a long-term, transformational plan to diversify and rebuild the regional economy and dramatically accelerate the growth of the general and advanced manufacturing industry cluster. EDA funding would be a "game-changer" for the region, resulting in an increased number of good jobs, increased wage growth, and increased tax revenue to support community services. Phase 1 (30 acres) will house 1-2 manufacturing companies and generate an estimated 105 direct jobs by year 2 of operations, with an estimated direct annual labor income of $7.0 million for local employees, totaling $70.0 million of labor income for local employees at year 10.