Southern Nevada Regional Growth Cluster

Innovation and Diversification Toward Advanced Manufacturing

The Southern Nevada Regional Growth Cluster (SNRGC) coalition's shared regional vision is to implement a long-term, transformational plan to increase economic resilience and diversification by strategically growing general and advanced manufacturing industry sectors within the region.

The SNRGC coalition, led by the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA), applied for the Build Back Better Regional Challenge grant to build eight critically-needed infrastructure projects — a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform the regional economy, diversify the economic base, and prevent future devastation born from an over-reliance on the tourism industry. Both construction and non-construction projects will lay the groundwork to transform Southern Nevada and launch general and advanced manufacturing as a regional economic driver by:

  • Increasing regional innovation
  • Building assets and infrastructure
  • Developing general and advanced manufacturing sites in an environmentally sustainable way
  • Expanding existing firms and attracting new companies
  • Creating jobs
  • Catalyzing private business and philanthropic investment

In addition, these projects will transform the regional workforce by:

  • Building a training pipeline to address current skills gaps
  • Supporting economically disadvantaged communities
  • Advancing equity and inclusion of underrepresented populations for in-demand education/training and business development
  • Improving job placement, retention and wage growth

Southern Nevada was selected as one of the 60 finalists out of 529 applicants across the country